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Mushroom Plushie (PREORDER)

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Marshall the Mushroom Boy is BACK for another round of pre-orders!! 

~About Mushroom Boy~
Mushroom Boy aka Marshall was created by me as an illustrator. He is my most popular character that hundreds of people have loved and connected with, who will soon be seen in special projects in the future!

This plushie is 100% designed by me and made in a reputable manufacturing company.

He is approx 13.78 inches in height (35cm)
And is a very squishy boy with lots of stuffing! If I can compare how big his mushroom head is, I would say bigger than a cereal bowl!

Pre-Order Details:

Pre-Orders will last a few weeks in order to make sure everyone gets one. We know this plushie will be a great gift so we want to make sure we get pre-orders done in order to get your plushies just in time before the big holiday rush! 
*estimated we receive plushie shipment sometime earliest September* 

please expect any sort of possible delays due to oversea shipping

I will be updating on anything about plushie status on my social media! Feel free to also ask me any questions!



We will be ordering an extra generous stock to be placed in my shop when they arrive. We are currently offering pre-orders to US only for the time being as shipping regulations have changed recently and we cannot foresee if any new shipping rules will be put in place at the time that we receive the plushies.

thank you for the support!