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Caterpillar Wrist Rest PREORDER

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A caterpillar pal to rest your wrists on while you’re gaming or surfin’ the web 🐛


-30cm in length

-half stuffed and half filled with beans 

-soft minky fabric

-wires in antennas 

*keyboard not included* 

You may also use caterpillar as regular small plush or desk pet if you don’t want to use for keyboard💛

Please remember that plushies take a little bit of time to be produced. Earliest we can expect caterpillar wrist rests are in June or sometime in the summer! I will have a more clear date as production moves forward. I will be updating everyone in my social media pages primarily on Instagram : @mardelunaarts 💛

this preorder is US ONLY but will be available for non US customers once they arrive in the summer since I will be ordering an extra stock to place in my etsy. My etsy shop is available for international customers! So please share to your US friends! The more preorders the more we can produce extra for international customers or people who miss out on the preorder in general