Preorder Statuses

Bloo Clown Dog Plushies : End of Production 

Marshall Plushies : End of Production 

Mosh Plushies : In Production  

Skelly Marshall Plushies: In Production  

Strawberry Snurse : Currently Accepting Preorders 

Mush Love T-shirts: Pre-Production 


What does this mean? 

Pre-Production: This is when we already placed the bulk order but the manufacturer is making a prenatal sample for us to re-confirm before they begin bulk production. This is also when they like to run all the testing and paperwork for each product which takes two weeks. 

In Production: Means everything is confirmed and they are currently producing the items

End of Production: This is when all items have officially been made but the manufacturer is double checking each item to make sure everything looks good before they pack them in boxes and ship them to me. 

En Route: Means items are officially in boxes and in transit to our warehouse

Currently Packing: This is when items have officially arrived and we are starting to ship them out!